Automatic Woven Sack Cutting and Sewing (Conversion) Line


Most versatile Bag Conversion Line available anywhere in the world. The state-of-the-art machine has been value engineered to incorporate some of the most unique features not found in any other machine.


Auto Bag Conversion Line with in – line twist / shift gusset forming unit


We have successfully launched Gen – Next Bag Conversion Line to produce Printed BOPP and other laminated bags. Beautiful wrinkle free bags are delivered, when produced with Hi-tech in-Line Twist / Shift Gusset Forming unit of INNOVA 3G.

This work Horse can also be powered with Easy Open Type Sewing arrangement and several other attachments.

INNOVA 3G is most versatile, economical & efficient machine. Its benefits are being enjoyed by several leading BOPP Bag producers.

Roll to Roll Flexographic Printing machine 4 / 6 /8 colors


Ergonomically designed mechanical components and new generation electronics are perfectly integrated so that this Stack Type Flexographic Printing Line delivers best printing quality at optimum speed.



Extrusion Coating Lamination Plants


Simplex is offering Plastic Extrusion Coating & Lamination Machines from leading manufacturers’ in China.
As a result of State-of-the -art in house manufacturing facilities, innovative designing, vast experience and well established credentials of machine manufacturers’; we can assure you of dependable quality, assured performance and trouble free operation.

Further more, the supplied machines are backed by prompt & efficient after sales service from Simplex.

Tandem lamination plants for both side pasting of Pre- printed BOPP films State-of-the-art technology of these plants facilitates online tracking and auto alignment of printed matter on both sides of circular woven fabrics, in one single process. This model of machine is equipped with two station unwinder with Auto Tension Control, pre-heating unit, special contact type re-winder with auto roll changing and several other unique features. Designed line speed is upto 110 meters / minute with tracking and auto alignment & upto 150 meters per minute for normal lamination / extrusion coating.

Most useful for producing BOPP Film Laminated bags as well as for coating normal circular woven fabrics.

Wide width lamination plants With proven expertise of these manufacturers we can offer wide width extrusion coating – lamination machine upto 6200 mm coating width. Several features such as pre-heating of fabric, water squeezed drying arrangement, sandwich lamination facilities etc can be offered according to the specific needs of the customers.

Most useful for producing tarpaulins, technical fabrics and wrapping fabrics etc.
Multi – purpose lamination plants Machines are also offered with high tech features such as co-extruders, anchor coating etc for specific technical requirements as well as for general purpose lamination / coating applications.
And products such as , flat woven fabrics, heavy duty woven fabrics for FIBC (Jumbo bags), non woven fabrics and sandwich laminated fabrics etc.




Most suited machine for converting BOPP film laminated flat woven fabric, printed fabric & sandwich fabrics into tube or bag. Forming, Gusseting, Pasting by extruded polymer and cutting with electronic sensing is done in one single process.

Machine speed with cutting option - 50 Bags per minute. Alternatively, rewinding arrangement of formed tube with or without Gusset also possible with installation of semi – automatic roll changing type re-winder unit. Machine speed in this case – 100 meter per minute. Option of oscillating type re-winder unit also available.

Tubing machine is suitable for: PE / PP woven fabrics with or without lamination, pre-printed BOPP laminated woven fabrics, Craft paper laminated sandwich woven fabrics etc

Tubing machine can also be offered with hot melt dispensing unit in place of extruder unit.


We have established sources and can offer several branded sewing heads from manufacturers across Japan, Germany, Taiwan, China & India; as per your specific needs. Further, we also can offer special types of heavy duty sewing machines for producing FIBC / Jumbo Bags.


  1. Several integrated turn – key projects for manufacturing PP / PE Woven Sacks, Leno Bags, FIBC (Jumbo Bags) at Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Kramatorsk, Krinichky, Krivoyrog Ukraine.
  2. Customized PE geo membrane lining for copper leaching pads, including designing, development & laying of 30,000 sq. meter area for Malajkhand Copper Project.
  3. Pioneering efforts to introduce the concept of Automated Bag Making (Cutting & Sewing) with the help of conversion lines instead of erstwhile manual production practices in India.
  4. In – line center gusseting device, Easy open type sewing arrangement, in-line bag inspection arrangement / table, handle / hole punching, micro perforation, Twist / shift Gusseting unit were integrated with the Conversion Line introduced for the first time by SIMPLEX.
  5. High speed Tandem Lamination machine with in-line tracking & auto alignment of pre-printed BOPP film pasting / lamination on circular woven fabric with auto tracking introduced in India for the very first time by SIMPLEX.
  6. Further, Simplex has modified the conversion line to produce Leno Bags, Small size bags, foodgrain bags etc
  7. Low cost Roll to Roll Flexographic Printing Machines of 4, 6 & 8 colors introduced first time in India equipped with Chamber Doctor Blade system & Auto Roll Changing system.
  8. Automated machine for residual tape cutting / cleaning and waste removal.

Simplex is not resting on its laurels and continuing its un-tiring efforts to bring-out several such new innovative products.

We treat business alliance as a journey and not a destination.


Simplex Global Impex has carved a strong reputation over the past two decades for its highly innovative solutions to the Plastic Woven Sack Industry. Founded on the twin pillars of trust and integrity, it has been very closely involved in revolutionary developments in this industry.

The endeavor at SIMPLEX has been to innovate and offer cost effective, practical, simple and realistic solutions in the woven bag domain especially in the hither to unexplored area; specially the post weaving stage.

Driven by this philosophy, we now offer a wide range of highly innovative and useful, technically advanced, productivity enhancing technologies which are simple to adopt.